Senior business executives are often frustrated over the real or perceived failure of IT to deliver.  It is equally common that no concerted action is taken to address such challenges.  Similarly, the entire organisation often experiences visible corporate disillusionment emanating from a disadvantageous technological positioning and a lack of prowess and agility.  Similar disappointment can sometimes be experienced as a direct result of perceptions of IT not following core business qualities such as budget adherence and delivery to agreed deadlines.

If as a business leader, you feel that IT initiatives or performance is spiraling out of control, our Specialist Consulting Solutions are designed to help you plan, design, execute and monitor a clear way forward for your digitalization and technology initiatives, in a way that is aligned to the business’ mission and objectives and the organization’s culture.

The Baker Tilly specialist consulting team has demonstrable in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in numerous strategic industries including Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Forex, Technology, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and others, allowing us to design and deliver focused solutions supportive of your business strategy and objectives.  To do this, we utilise our unparalleled experience, robust and tested methodologies, total commitment and a hands-on implementation approach to initiate and lead technology-driven innovation in your business.

If the vision and strategy for your organisation’s future therefore, reflects reinventing your business through digitalization strategies and technology initiatives, we are confident to deliver tangible and measurable results through agile and flexible approaches which can accommodate even the most specific needs of our customers.

Our experts

Anestis Dimopoulos

Director, Head of Digital and Risk Advisory