Thursday, March 1, 2018

Baker Tilly - PhoenixPro GDPR Awareness Event Series "GDPR 1,2,3"

Everybody nowadays seems to be taking notice of GDPR, nevertheless several organisations have not even conducted a Readiness Assessment against the requirements of this new regulation. Risks of huge fines are indeed an important consideration and incentive for moving forward towards GDPR compliance. However, one of the key advantages from assessing your status against GDPR, is the opportunity to constructively challenge your core business processes relating to personal data collection and management, and redesign them for efficiency, effectiveness and of course risk reduction and risk management.

Baker Tilly in Nicosia hosted an Executive Briefing on one of the hottest topics affecting businesses today, that of the new European Union regulation for Data Protection (widely referred to as “GDPR”). The presentation was delivered by GDPR specialist, Mr. Georgios A. Korellis, a Chartered Accountant by profession, recognised GDPR expert and a Technology Leader with more than 25 of professional experience.

Mr. Georgios A. Korellis has worked in several countries, with multiple projects for clients in numerous industries and with high complexity. His GDPR credentials are underpinned by his expertise and specialisation in Technology Transformation Strategies, Information Security Consulting and Procurement & Sourcing. Georgios is a results-oriented professional, with multi-year hands-on as well as leadership experience across the entire business and technology stack.

Through his company PhoenixPro, and working alongside a team of proven professionals, Georgios acts as Consultant and trusted advisor to CEOs and CIOs of international and local organisations for the design and implementation of highly complex projects for tangible business value. He has already designed and executed multiple GDPR Readiness Assessment projects and is currently leading implementation efforts for retailers, banks and other organisations.

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