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Introducing Lefki Lazarou, a dynamic professional whose journey with Baker Tilly Cyprus began in 2021. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Cyprus, Lefki’s journey started as an intern. Her proactive approach and immense potential swiftly secured her a permanent role in our Assurance Services team.

Currently, while fulfilling her job responsibilities, Lefki is dedicatedly pursuing her ACA qualification. Reflecting on her time as an intern, she acknowledges the invaluable mentorship provided by her managers. Their guidance and patient tutelage helped her transform theoretical knowledge into practical expertise.

Lefki’s motivation to join us stemmed from the chance to gain hands-on experience and embrace the company’s supportive culture. Balancing her professional and athletic pursuits effortlessly, she found Baker Tilly’s comprehensive support invaluable. Her journey is a testament to the power of open-mindedness, continuous learning, and seizing opportunities.

For those considering joining our team, Lefki advises being receptive to learning and prepared for challenges. At Baker Tilly, your aspirations are nurtured, and your growth is championed. Join us, and let’s collaborate to shape a successful journey together.

Lefki Lazarou

Associate , Assurance Services


Meet Markella Panayiotou, a remarkable individual driven by her passion for growth and collaboration. Introduced to the company through a friend, she embarked on a journey from accounting to leadership, inspired by the enriching experiences offered by insightful managers. Her curiosity led her to Greece, where she embraced the challenges of leading a team, reveling in the collaborative spirit and welcoming environment.

Markella thrived as a leader, cherishing the chance to guide and learn from her team. Amidst the pressures of auditing, the heartwarming gratitude of those she assists fuels her satisfaction. Sharing knowledge is her joy, exemplifying her dedication to the team’s growth.

Working remotely from Cyprus to Greece, she values continuous learning. Markella finds solace in the company’s friendly, familial atmosphere. With open-hearted colleagues and a supportive environment, she believes she’s found one of the best workplaces—one that truly feels like home.

Markella Panayiotou

Senior, Assurance Services


Meet Valentina Savva, a Senior Manager in Audit and Assurance Services at Baker Tilly Cyprus.

‘Our team is deeply united, consistently collaborating to reach our firm’s objectives. I began my journey here 12 years ago as a junior editor, and the experience has been invaluable, offering learning opportunities and honing my expertise.


To encapsulate Baker Tilly, is more than an ordinary audit firm. It’s a space where growth and development thrive, enabling individuals to evolve into improved versions of themselves. It’s been a transformative journey, and I’m proud to be part of a firm that fosters personal and professional advancement.’


Valentina Savva,

Senior Manager, Audit and Assurance Services