Health, Safety & Environment

We expect the highest ethical standards from our people. Our policies and procedures support our aim to act with integrity in all aspects of our operations.

We maintain data covering health and safety matters as well as fulfilling targets linked to continuous improvement, by promoting a wider awareness of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues. As an important part of our HSE plan, we have developed health and safety training program for our offices, to include “First Aid” training to people assigned as health officers.


We are taking appropriate steps to contribute to sound environmental practices, covering positive measures to establish and build on good working practices. These include actions in achieving efficiencies and reductions in energy and water consumption as well as waste management. We remain committed to continuous improvement in the recycling of spent materials in our offices. Our people are actively encouraged to support such initiatives. Where waste bins are separate into categories of recyclable materials ocated in common areas. Recycled paper and other office consumables are included in our recycling program.

We have long been committed to optimising the use of ‘greener’ materials in our offices. We continue to work with suppliers in using products which meet high standards toward s minimising the use of hazardous substances and are environmentally friendlier.

We recognise the importance of ensuring that our key suppliers have appropriate policies and practices on social, environmental and ethical matters.

We reaffirm our commitment in taking steps to mitigate against the risks relating to health, safety and environmental responsibilities.